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How Much Does a Party Cost?
The prices of our parties vary by the package chosen, number of children and the individual needs of the client, please see our Party Package tab for descriptions of available packages, each party requires a $100 deposit except for Pop-In and that requires a $50 deposit. Pop ins are not available for destinations more then 25 miles.

All deposits are to be paid no later then 2 weeks before your party. The final payment is due the day of your party. We except Paypal, cash and credit cards.

Can I have more than one Character at my party?
Absolutely!  We have a package just made for two character, an additional princess can be added to several of the other packages for an additional charge.

What ages are appropriate?
Usually the parties are themed for children 2-12 years  but we would happily do parties for older children as well, we will also do special events, fundraisers and weddings for adults with special arrangements.  We DO NOT do adult drinking parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties... these are another type of entertainment entirely...No EXCEPTIONS.

Are parents/ adult guests able to participate?
Definitely!  We encourage parents to join in the activities including the crafting, dancing, story time and games.  We do ask that
adults remain quiet and undisruptive as possible if they are not participating so that the children can focus on this magical moment!


​​​​​​​​​​​Is there anything I need to provide for the party?
Most of the materials for all of the games crafts and other character activities are included with your package but there are a few minor requirements for a successful party.
*A side table for crafts, activities & makeovers (with a disposable tablecloth is ideal for easy clean-up)
*Ample room for dancing and active games
*Accessible plug for music
*The character will bring the materials, supplies and music player in a rolling chest or suitcase to the front door, we ask that and adult bring it into the party area while the character is greeting the guests, this helps keep the magic alive and helps keep the timing on track.
* Designated area for picture taking.
* A phone number to call just prior to arrival to let the host know the character is about to arrive.

Will you have music?
The character will bring a music player with themed music to play during the party, we ask that adults do no have loud or competing music in the party area.
Do you do parties at schools & daycare?
Absolutely we would be happy to attend a party at your school or daycare!  It is important that the school schedule matches that of the performers schedule.  Also school parties will have modifies activities to accommodate a larger group.
How do I pay for my party?
When you reserve a party you will receive an invoice for services, this can repaid by cash or credit card..  
How far will you travel for a party?
Our characters can travel up to 50 miles from our home base,Cannery Row. Distances greater than 50 miles will be charged a $25 fee.  Meet and Greet is only available up to 25 miles.
Can I leave during the party?
No, All that Glitters Princess Parties requires that the host parent or other adult be present at all times during the party (in an adjacent room is acceptable).  Our princesses are entertainment only, we do not provide babysitting services, first aid care or discipline.  Please keep a close eye on your royal children!  Thanks!
What if the princess gets sick?
Obviously illness and injury happens on rare occasions, if this happens during your event another entertainer will take the place of your princess and will complete the party often without the client even knowing that there was a last minute switch.  If there is absolutely no princesses available then the "Fairy Godmother"  will be happy to attend your party.  In this case The Queen for a Day Package will be substituted for whatever package was selected for no additional charge and the royal guests will enjoy all the benefits of this upgraded package.  Costumed like the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella she will transform your guests into real princesses.
Does my character accept gratuities?
Absolutely!  The entertainers that serve you and your guests are extremely well trained and make it their number one priority to ensure that you have a wonderful and memorable event. Gratuity is not included in the package price, so if you want to show your entertainer that you loved their performance a gratuity is a great way of doing so.  Gratuities are by no means mandatory or expected, just graciously accepted if offered.
How much should I tip?
Tipping an entertainer is just like tipping a waiter or waitress, 10% - 20% of the package price is standard.


How do I book a Party
Booking a p
arty is easy! Call, text or visit ourBook a Party  page,

Just fill out all the information and we will contact you to discuss all your party needs.

  We are happy to accomidate last minute parties if we have spots available, however we recommmend that you please book 4-6 weeks in advance as some princesses fill up fast!